Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Lull

There's always a bit of a lull between the beginnings of the summer crops and the end of the first flush of summer crops. This year, with extraordinary slug pressure that lull seems like it's really extended itself. Shares are a bit lighter than I'd like, but there are still a few nice items. Today I harvested the first of the kale leaves from the Rainbow Lacinato. The transplanted Kestrel beets look great, at least the ones the voles left us. There's also a small head of Brown Golding lettuce. This is my first time growing this variety, and while it's interesting to look at and seems pretty hearty, I'm not sure I'm sold yet. I may have to go back to the more standard romaine type, Plato II.

This has been a productive week in the field planting wise. All of the tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, and melons made their way into the ground. I also managed to get a seeding of arugula and beets in. That still leaves a few crops that are a tad behind schedule, but I'm actually feeling pretty good about the plantings right now (with a few exceptions, like carrots, which are another story). 

Keep thinking warm weather thoughts, all of those summer vegetables need a bit to really get going. I'm hoping for some good sun soon.

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