Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slug Heaven

Seems that the weather, or something, continues to be prime for slugs. Generally I think of radishes as a pretty easy, safe crop, something that will work even if nothing else does. The radishes have been decimated by the slugs. The must be tasty radishes because the slugs aren't stopping at their usually shallow dimple that leaves most of the root in tact, but mars them badly enough to make them unmarketable. No, the slugs are eating pretty much the entire root. And they're doing it to the turnips as well.  The shares do have a few of the pink beauty radishes and hakurei turnips that were mostly left alone by the slugs. The lettuce and spinach are looking pretty good as well so there's a small head of lettuce and a handful of spinach. The garlic keeps on plugging along so there are two more green garlic in the share this week. I've thinned two of the three beds now so expect it to keep coming in small quantities for another few weeks until they actually mature and we pull the rest of the planting.

On the farm today, between the rain showers, and even in the rain showers, we stripped tons of sod, moved old sod piles and made way for the soon to be planted summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.  I also did a bit of hoeing, as the weeds are appreciating both last week's sun and this week's rain, taking advantage and growing quite vigorously. 

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