Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Curse of the Logo

Carrots were on the share projection today, but you'll notice that there are no carrots in the share photo above. I've seeded carrots three times, and three times they've come up only to be completely eaten by slugs. I'll try again next week. If I can't get them to work I'm going to have to change the farm logo.

In the meantime the share still looks pretty great to me. There's a good bunch of favas from seed that was planted in late November. I didn't think the plants would do anything, but the few that survived have had lots of space and good yields as a result. I like to shell these only once, and then sautee the beans in olive oil, adding a little garlic at the end. The garlic scapes, another late spring treat, would be perfect chopped up and added to that bean sautee. As would the kale, which is doing very nicely with all of this cool damp weather we're having. Rounding out today's share is a head of Samantha lettuce, another new one for me, but by no means a new variety. It's looking good and the slugs have mostly left it alone

I've got to toss in a quick photo of the delivery bike from this morning. I built a quick rack for the front out of some old cedar fencing so that I can lash both the boxes and tools at the same time. This should come in handy as I'm now working two sites and I need to be able to transport tools too. 

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