Monday, June 25, 2012

Start of Summer CSA

Today is the first Monday harvest for 2012 and it actually matched up pretty well with the projection. Fennel was ready on time and I'm giving out the bulbs and the tops. The tops can be used as a salad green or combined with other greens and cooked in a wild greens pie, something close to the Greek spanakopita. I like the bulbs sliced very thin on salad or sliced thick and braised until very soft and slightly sweet (it takes a long time to really cook fennel). Lettuce is also looking good and finally a seeding of arugula made it past the slugs. The arugula is great in salad or on a sandwich. Finally, the garlic heads are ready. There'll be more of this soon, but I'm starting the shares off with just one head. This is the hard neck Siberian garlic, which is a few weeks earlier than the soft neck I grow. 

A bit of weeding in the field, seeding  in the greenhouse and it's time to make the delivery run. I'm off to town to learn the summer route.

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