Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring Rain

Remember a couple of weeks ago when it was sunny and warm? I had fantasies of that being the last we'd see of the rain until the fall. I guess that didn't happen. Still, plants are growing and mostly managing to keep ahead of the slugs, which are absolutely loving this weather. Today's share has some lovely crisp lettuce, a new variety, which I believe is Rosencrantz, although I got my records a bit mixed up with that seeding. The spinach was starting to bolt so I cut the whole plants. It's all usable, but the usual thing to do is to just use the leaves. A few of the overwintered sweet onions have started to size up, right on schedule so I put both bulbs and tops in, both having great, sweet onion flavor. I also stuck a good sized bunch of rosemary at the bottom of the bag. Rosemary, like many other perennial mediterranean herbs, dries very easily on the counter and keeps well so feel no need to use it right away. In fact it's best in small quantities. I like it with potatoes and in baked goods like bread and biscuits. 

I'm on the bike today so just a short post. Time to ride the shares into town...

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