Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Day of Summer, Last Day of Spring

I do everything by Monday dates so this week is the final spring share even though it's actually the first day of summer. Summer shares will start on Monday, which is the first Monday this summer.

The final share is a good one I think. Chard, which got seeded a bit late, looks beautiful right now and there's a small bunch in the share. Another new item is Magma mustard, a very spicy red mustard. This can be eaten raw, and would take the place of the usual mustard on sandwiches. It will loose a little of its spiciness if cooked, either by steaming or sauteeing.  There is also a sweet onion and a head of lettuce in the share. The sweet onion has the top on and the top is completely edible as well as the delicious bulb. 

Plantings are going pretty well on the farm. I'm almost completely caught up, which is good because the plantings for fall and winter will be cranking up soon. This warm weather and sun should help the summer crops ripen. I noticed that the tomatoes and peppers are finally looking like they've gotten comfortable in the ground and the summer squash is looking much larger as well.

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