Thursday, July 26, 2012

Appreciating the wheel

Today's share is a repeat of Mondays, just with Kweik butter lettuce instead of the Brown Golding romaine. We had to start packing the vegetables on the other side of the barn today because there's a huge trench on our usual side, the beginnings of Yianni and Jessica's new house construction. All day today a huge back hoe was running back and forth making a little parking lot and digging trenches. The old house was a real eyesore and it's great that it's gone. Mostly the construction is on the far side of the property so it really doesn't impact our farming at all.

The bike continues to be a great part of the farming day for me. I've been hauling not only the vegetables in to town, but also my tools and some transplants back and forth to the winter farm site at my house. The cart is another great pair of wheels and saves me many trips back and forth for harvest and tools and it makes it possible to move large piles of plants, compost, etc. into and out of the fields with relative ease. 

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