Monday, July 2, 2012

Garlic and Greens

And beets too. A bit late on the post today. Somehow I still haven't smoothly transitioned to summer/bike delivery/blog posts directly from the farm. I'll get it down soon. In the share today is a head of Joker lettuce, which is nice and crispy, flecked with green and red. Lacinato Rainbow kale is still looking really good so there's a big bunch. There are a couple of Kestrel beets, with greens. I boiled some of those this weekend until fork tender and then dunked them in cold water to slip the skins off. I sliced them up, dressed them with a little oil and vinegar and tossed them on top of a pile of lettuce - delicious! 

There are two heads of Siberian garlic. It can be used now, or left on the counter to cure and be used any time in the next few months. The last item is one small sprig of basil. I pinch the basil plants early to encourage branching so what you're seeing is the very first pinch, a sign of more summer vegetables to come soon.

Today starts the second month of bicycle deliveries for the farm and it's going great. There was a little hiccup on Thursday when the battery discharged for some reason instead of charging and I was left to my own leg power to ride the shares in, but it wasn't too bad. One of the unexpected benefits of riding the shares in is that I've run into three share holders on three separate occasions - two of whom I'd only had email contact with in the past and recognized me because of the bike and boxes. This would never have happened in the car. Just one more reason the bike is great!

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