Friday, August 17, 2012

Now it's really hot!

I'm a bit late with the blog post, which I was hoping to get out yesterday. Harvest went smoothly in the morning, basically the same as Monday's, although I added basil. I did a big harvest of basil, partly due to the heat, but also so that folks could get at least one big (at least for SHF) batch for the season. I'll try to do the same for Monday folks in two weeks if the basil can hang on that long before another harvest.

In the afternoon I braved the heat and ended up being very productive. I was able to work up enough bed space to get a planting of fennel and radicchio in the ground. Even though it was probably 100 degrees (not ideal planting conditions) I think the plants were happy to get out of their little plugs and into the ground.

I did get very sweaty doing all of that work, but I kept on top of watering myself and was fine. Getting the plants in the ground made me a little late in leaving for deliveries. I was appreciating all of the shade on my bike ride back into town. My delivery route goes down highway 30, which is shaded by the west hills in the afternoon, perfect. Then I head in on Willamette which also has good tree cover for long stretches, as do Ainsworth, Vancouver, and TIllamook. 

After deliveries I headed over to the Green Dragon in SE for a great Cargo Bike Roll Call. Super fun to see all of the different cargo bikes out, hang out with other folks who haul big loads on their bikes and talk to Liz Canning who is making a documentary about cargo bikes.

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