Monday, August 13, 2012


Once again it was hot. I'm not complaining, yet, but the August heat always makes seeding and planting the winter crops a little interesting. The share today is a really nice mix. The beans probably peaked today, which is great and means that the share has a good number of them. We pulled one of the two varieties of potato, French Fingerling, which had totally died back for some reason. The yield wasn't great, but they went into a really rough bed this spring (really just two trenches hacked out of the mud) and they're in a bit of a shady spot next to the lone hawthorne bordering the vegetable field. I spaced them out a bit so there are some larger ones this year and for the most part the ones that came out look really nice. Tomatoes are just starting so I put a couple of samples in each share. Zucchinis and Patty Pans continue to go strong, some folks got one, some the other. There's another head of Samantha lettuce and finally, a bit of an experiment in the onion department. These are Evergreen Hardy White onions, a scallion, that I planted last Fall because Kji had some extras. I just wanted to see what they would do but I didn't really intend to harvest them. There are just enough for everyone to try one. 

Cucumbers are slowly starting. A few shares have one in the bag. The one on top is a lemon cuc, which has been the standard on the farm for a long time. The one on the bottom is an english cuc called Tyria that I've grow other places and I'm experimenting with. I only planted four plants so I'm not sure everyone will get one this year, but if they do well I'll continue with them next year. Even though they're a pretty big cucumber and the seed is super expensive, they're really tasty.

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