Monday, August 27, 2012


Cippolini onions, tomatoes, summer squash, romaine, sage, basil and a carrot or two make up the share today. The basil is a relatively bigger bunch like Thursday got a few weeks back. The onions will keep well if not used immediately. These are all of the onions I grew for the summer so just a taste, although there will also be shallots soon, and leeks in the fall for more allium flavor. Carrots continue to do poorly. The yield was terrible on this first planting that actually worked. I should have yellow carrots for Thursday as there are no more of the orange from this planting. Cucumbers are also slow for some unknown reason. I'm kind of spreading them around so I'm hoping within the next week or two everyone will see one or two. This is definitely not the glut we had last year. I'm not completely surprised at some of this. I've learned over the years that every year is different. This is the best beet year so far, and the squash has been quite good whereas last year it was terrible. I'm making notes, every year is a little different, and I think a little better.

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