Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Spring Share


For some reason yesterdays post was lost in the ether, so I'll try to recreate here...

An exciting final share for the spring this year. We've got Red Iceberg lettuce, Yellow Stone carrot thinnings, fresh Siskyou Sweet onions and their tops as well. The tops are very sweet and tender, good either raw or cooked. Even with all of this cold wet weather we're plugging away at getting the bulk of the year's crops planted. If we wait any longer for warm sunny days there won't be any time for the plants to mature for their late summer and fall harvests. For that reason we again borrowed the BCS tiller and made a few passes, doing an initial prep on about 20 beds in an hour and a half that would have otherwise taken us a couple of days or more. I'm hoping this is the last time we have the BCS out.

By the way, the end of the spring season means the summer season starts next week! We have lots of shares available as well as free sample shares. Let everyone know and sign up for a few yourself!

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