Monday, June 21, 2010

First summer/Monday share

This is our first Monday share for the summer season and it includes a bit of Five Color Silver Beet (chard for those of us in the US), a garlic scape, Plato II romaine, and a Finale fennel bulb. For those of you unfamiliar with garlic scapes, read back a bit in the blog. They're basically the flower stalks from hardneck garlic, and can be used pretty much as you would use garlic itself, with very similar results. Fennel is another vegetable unfamiliar to some, but delicious. It's often seen sliced very thinly across the grain and added to salads with citrus. I like it cut in thick slices and braised for an extended period, but use it how you like. The leaves can be added to salad as well. Chard of course is similar to spinach, a good all purpose cooking green, and the ribs are equally delicious, although they need a bit more cooking than the leaf itself.

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