Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today's share looks pretty similar to Monday's, the main difference is that the lettuce is Lolo Divino instead of Plato II. This is a beautiful variety of lettuce and really adds great loft to salads. I'm not completely sold on the flavor so I'd love to get feedback, I'm considering dropping it from our rotation.

Instead of a photo of the share I'm putting up a photo of the main work of the day - setting up and irrigating. While the surface looks, and is quite dry, there's actually a good bit of moisture in the soil. We're still being a little cautious so that we don't get behind, and laying out all the drip tape takes a little while for new beds. Most of the plants are loving the heat, tomatoes look great, cucurbits are all germinating and coming along, new beans are up, and the popcorn went in today.

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