Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super Greens Share

Lot of greens today in a slightly larger than usual share. We had some extra romaine, Plato II is the variety, so we decided to give a bonus head - perfect for a little Caesar Salad. There's bok choi as well from an experimental planting that Kji put it. The leaves have been a bit ravaged by the slugs which have been prolific with all the rain. Kji says the stems are the important part anyway so not to worry. He also says the garlic scapes will be "killer" with the choi. I believe he's expecting you to cut them up and stir fry the whole mess. Scapes, for those of you who haven't had them before, are the tender flower stalks of hard neck garlic varieties. They have that same garlic flavor and you can eat the whole thing. They can be cut up, or roasted or grilled whole until very soft. Garlic only flowers at this time of year so the next couple of weeks is the only time you'll see them around. The first of the Kale is also in the shares this week, a bit of Frank Morton's Rainbow Lacinato.