Monday, June 28, 2010

More Green

It's summer, as evidenced by the first pinch of basil and mature garlic heads in the share. we still have lettuce, beets with greens and kale as well. The garlic is a porcelain type called Siberian. Porcelains have few and large cloves - the heads are mature, but not yet cured. They will keep on the counter for months if not used. The wrappers will dry around the cloves if you let it store, or you can just use it now. The lettuce is Blushed Icy Oak, the beets are Kestrel, and the kale is Rainbow Lacinato. We're giving out the first of the basil pinches - Genovese type. We have to pinch the basil early to encourage it to bush out, there's not much at this point, just a taste, but we'll have more later with a little luck.

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