Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Big One

Today's share has a few extras in it, and a few of the items will keep well if you can't use them right away. The lettuce, fennel, peas and favas should all be used soon. The garlic and onions will keep for a couple of months in a cool dry spot. The onions might actually prefer the fridge if you have space. These are the last of our sweet onions which have been in the ground since last October. The garlic is a bit of random varieties that were planted for green garlic, but they never got harvested so we're giving them out now. This week there are two heads of lettuce, as the hot weather has speeded things up a bit and we were a little behind anyway. The pirat butter lettuce and lolo divino will make a great salad. It's the end of the peas today, the heat really did them in. The favas look nice and fat this year. If you haven't prepared them before the pods aren't edible but the fresh beans inside are great boiled or sauteed. Some folks say to skin the bean itself, there's a bit of a skin around each bean that can be removed, but I just eat them with the skin on. They make a great addition to pasta with a little olive oil, lemon, garlic and hard cheese.

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