Monday, July 19, 2010

Fall share for the summer

Today we pulled the last of the garlic and the first of the potatoes. The garlic is Chesnok Red and it should keep through the fall on the counter, somewhere with good air flow. The potatoes are French Fingerlings, a bit earlier than we had planned but the tops suffered a bit of blight which took them down a few weeks early and gave us slightly smaller potatoes than we would have liked. Still, there are a good number of them and they'll keep in a cool, dry, dark place for a few months at least if you don't get around to eating them right away. There's no more garlic to give out this year but we do have one more variety of potato that will be coming in the next few weeks.

Also in the share today is a bit of rosemary to go with the potatoes (it will also dry and keep if you don't want to use it immediately), Yellowstone carrots, the last of the Aquadulce favas, and a big head of Plato II romaine. The potatoes, rosemary and garlic make me think of root roast which is a very fall dish in my mind. They'd make a great potato salad, or grilled potato salad as well, so maybe it's summer after all. I grilled favas for the first time this weekend and they're great. If you have the hibachi or grill out just toss them on in the pods, cook them until the pods are shriveling a bit and then eat the beans out of them.

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