Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Summer Varieties

This week three of our tomato varieties are starting to ripen: Moscovich, Tigerella, and Sungold. There were also just a couple Black Prince. Chadwick's Cherry is the only other variety we're growing. The Moscovich are a standard red tomato with excellent flavor. Tigerella is almost like an overgrown cherry with red and orange tiger stripes. Sungold is an outstanding orange cherry, with a very fruity flavor. We pack the varieties randomly in the bags and hope that everyone will get to try all of them.

We're also growing two types of summer squash that get packed randomly: Yellow Scallopini and Midnight Lightning. We should have these in the share for the next six weeks or so.

Flipping back through last year's posts, there's a very similar one from August with notes on ripeness of tomatoes (near the end). It's useful info if you're wondering about how we pick the tomatoes and how ripe they are.

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