Thursday, July 22, 2010



Here's a photo of Kji and Adam pulling the last of the garlic. Today's share is mostly the same as Monday's (see the last post) minus the favas which are finished for the season. Everyone is receiving a few extra potatoes because we're undersubscribed. We've decided to go ahead a distribute some of the unsold shares of potatoes to the members who have signed up instead of storing them ourselves. We are selling some lettuce and other occasional items to help make up for the lower CSA sign ups this year. Long term we'd rather have all of it distributed through CSA, which is much easier for us, and is really the way we're set up right now.

The fields are looking good, although still a bit behind from the late spring. We're hoping to have summer squash as soon as next week and the very first tomatoes are ripening, although it'll still be a few weeks before we have enough to give out.


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