Monday, August 16, 2010

Heat Wave

It's been quite warm here in Portland for the last few days, with temperatures up in the 90s. There was quite a bit of drying wind as well earlier in the weekend. Many of the summer crops are enjoying the weather. The lettuce, and other greens are not, but for the most part they'll survive. We've been planting lettuce pretty much weekly but at this point it's growing so fast with all the heat and light that we're having to jump ahead a little and we'll probably loose a little to tip burn and bolting. Today's share has a bit of blushed butter cos in it, along with the obligatory summer squash and tomatoes, a bit of dill, what is probably the last of the cippola onions, and most exciting - fresh beans. The beans are a variety I usually grow for dry beans, but they are quite tasty young and green as well. The variety is swedish brown and I'm hoping we'll get another week out of them. Maybe next year we will find space to plant enough to give them out dry as well.

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