Thursday, August 12, 2010

Packing in the Barn

Again, today's share is pretty much like Monday's so no unique photo. The photo above is our packing area all broken down and put away in the corner of the barn at the end of harvest today. The boxes are full of share bags and extra vegetables. We spent what felt like a lot of time in the barn today packing shares, cleaning the worst of the dirt off the potatoes, and packing some of the extra vegetables for Yianni. Yianni owns the farm (land), and is cooking a big dinner for lots of folks this weekend so we took some of the unsold shares and sold parts of them to him. We've also been selling a bit of lettuce and a few other items to the County Cork on Freemont. It's not cutting into the CSA shares, and it's not completely making up for the revenue shortfall from being short on CSA members, but it's nice to see the excess getting used. A lot of the rest of the excess is actually going to the current CSA members - but not too much, we wouldn't want to overload anyone.

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