Thursday, August 19, 2010


The Thursday share is once again more or less like the Monday share - a little different lettuce, maybe some variation in the tomato and summer squash variety, but more or less the same (so take a look at that post to see what's in the share). In this post there's a photo of our progress on stripping sod off of beds, one to go! We're trying to get the final plantings of the season in, all of the fall crops, mostly chicories, and turnips, perhaps a bit of spinach and mache, although the weather hasn't been cooperating there. By the end of next week, with a little luck, we'd like to have another 10 beds, 1/8 of the farm, planted, and thus, all of the beds on the farm either planted or hosting compost piles. We'll see what actually happens next week.

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