Monday, August 9, 2010

More Potatoes

As stated above, today's share has more potatoes. Today we dug into the Princess LaRatte potatoes, which are a bit smaller than the french fingerlings we gave out earlier. These should be great boiled whole, and then used on a salad, or sauteed with a bit of olive oil, paprika and sea salt to crisp up the skins. There's another huge head of romaine - romaine is a big lettuce. We're picking the basil regularly to keep it from flowering so there's some of that, and we also have a nice little bunch of cilantro today. I really like cilantro on udon, with some lime and cashews that have been blended with a little water and tamari to make a creamy sauce. A few tomatoes of one sort or another round out the share today - they're still slow in ripening, and this cool weather isn't helping. Oh, I almost forgot the prolific summer squash. I think I'm ready to make a bit of zucchini bread, although fritters are also on my mind. Zucchini fritters with a bit of basil aioli are quite tasty.

We're super close to having the last of the sod stripped off of beds, which I am quite excited about. That will signal a full 77 beds planted and two dedicated to compost piles. There's one bed that still has some fence in the way so we won't make it to 80 this year. Lots of chicories are going in the ground soon, as well as turnips for the fall and winter shares.

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