Monday, August 30, 2010

Kinda seems like fall


We've still got quite a few weeks until it's actually fall, but the weather today certainly isn't very summer like. We need some moe sun and warmth to ripen melons and get the cucumbers going. If we don't get a lot more sun and warmth I'm a little worried that we won't ripen any peppers or eggplant. For now we are seeing plenty of tomatoes and summer squash and the lettuce is also doing just fine. In the carrot department you're getting a look today at what happens when the rodents thin out a planting - giant carrots! Chard is making a come back with the cool weather and our attempts to clean up the bed a little. We also started taking out the shallots today. These will store very well in a dry spot, even well into the winter if you wanted to keep them that long for some reason.


It was actually kind of nice to be out in the drizzle, harvesting this morning. There was a huge rainbow over the sungold tomatoes. I'll take a little more heat if we can get it though. I sure would like to see a few more of the summer crops ripen before it really gets cold and wet again.

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