Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big planting day

Today's share is more or less the same as Monday's. I warmed up this morning before harvest by starting to prep beds for planting. After harvest was finished and the bags were packed this morning, we headed out and prepped the equivalent of about 6 beds for cover cropping, mostly just taking out weeds on the surface, raking them smooth and then spreading and working in rye and vetch seed. We also planted a bed of overwintering onions. Tomorrow is the full moon, which is associated with increased root growth, exactly what a transplant needs. Also, it's suppose to rain this weekend which made today the last dry day for a while to prep a bed, and also means that everything we seeded and planted today will get soaked in. This is later than I usually seed cover crop in the fall, but the weather has been mild so I'm pushing the dates later.

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