Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remay Day

Today's share is pretty similar to Monday's so new photos. Post harvest, we spent a lot of time today covering beds with floating row cover (commonly called Remay), and bird netting. The deer had broken in again and done a little more damage to some of the brassicas - as pictured above (actually my photos are not agreeing to be uploaded at this particular moment and I've got to go run deliveries so more of those later) - so we've given up on the simple fence that we put up a few weeks back and now we've gone to just covering the beds directly. This is a bit more of a pain, and I'm not sure it'll even be any more effective, but we're putting off what could be more expensive options, trying to get away with the minimum expense.

The row cover, on some of the crops, has the added advantage of holding in a little warmth and protecting against frost as well. So many of those beds are happy to have it anyway. It does mean that we can't actually see any of the crops without first uncovering them. It also provides a little extra harborage for the mice, which are our other main pest right now, but someday soon we'll get around to putting out traps for those little sneakers.

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