Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preparing for the winter


The tomatoes have been hit hard with blight. That rain two weeks ago really did them in and we started pulling a few plants today to make room for some cover crop. We're planting a rye and vetch mix to hold the soil for the winter, and to feed our compost piles in the spring. The share today is basically the same as Monday's. Cucumbers are the one summer crop that really seems to be continuing strongly. The tomatoes are finished, summer squash has slowed to a near halt, and the melons have had it. We'll even be scraping to get enough lettuce for next week, although that has less to do with the weather now, and more to do with the weather when we were planting in August.

Back to cover crop for a moment, today is the new moon and the few days leading up to the new moon are considered the best for seeding most crops. It does actually look like the weather was ideal this week with a dry patch for preparing the beds and rain forecasted for this weekend. We'll see how it all comes up.

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