Monday, October 4, 2010

This Monday's Share

We're still harvesting a few of the "summer" crops which is keeping the share heavy. Cucumbers have finally started really producing, and the summer squash continues to churn out the fruit. Tomatoes are on their way out just as the peppers finally start to show a little color. The pepper in the share today is Jimmy Nardello, a very sweet pepper. No need to refrigerate these, they'll continue to color up on the counter. There's a small head of emerald oak lettuce, a small bunch of chard, a bulb of fennel, probably the last of the year, and just a sampler of an upcoming crop, purple peacock broccoli. We've also included a bit of parsley which would go nicely with the last of the tomatoes and the pepper, sauteed and tossed with a serving of pasta.

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