Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last of the winter roots

The share turned out very nicely today. We pulled an impressive amount of mache out of the weeds. This is an incredible little green, which has been out in the open, no protection from cold, or deer or other varmints and it's beautiful and tender and green. It makes a great little side salad, just wash the florettes thoroughly as they tend to hold onto soil. Dress them with a little oil, lemon and salt and eat 'em up. This green is also know as corn salad, and I am guessing that it is a winter weed in grains, like rye, and wheat. All grains used to be called corn.

Also in the share are the last of the scorzonera roots. I peeled and chunked up the last round of these and boiled them in a curry sauce - excellent. We also harvested turnips, which are mostly there for the greens, but you can eat the roots as well. The turnips were planted very tightly so the roots didn't size up as much as we would have liked.

To round out the share there are a few kale leaves and a couple of sprigs of thyme. Not bad for a start to February.

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  1. I love the mache! I've been eating so many more greens since I became a CSA member.