Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing Harvest

From SHF 2011

I took a quick look in on the fields this morning and checked in on the greenhouse. It was cold. I'm not sure if you can see the big fat snow flakes speeding by in the photo of the field, but it was just starting to dump when I took this. It looks like we'll be better off if we wait for the next harvest day, two weeks from tomorrow, before we take any more out of the field. I'm hoping that we'll have a little more growth on some of our greens by then. After tomorrow, which we'll miss, we only have two more winter harvests scheduled.

Instead of harvesting tomorrow we'll have to finish fixing our propagation set up and seed a little more. Either I forgot to flip the on switch or our heat mats have died - I'll find out tomorrow when I come back with my electrical tester (if they're working they should be warm in the morning, too). We've got lots more to seed and plenty of construction projects to keep us busy in the forecasted bad weather. Full moon later this week. For those of you keeping track this is the time to transplant if for some reason you have starts this early.

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