Monday, February 21, 2011

More Construction

From SHF 2011

Kji is taking a little vacation and while he's away I've been madly building accessories for our seed propagation. Friday I built a nice tall table for seeding flats, and then promptly used it to seed 10 flats of onions, shallots, lettuce, chard and parsley; nice to not have to hunch over to see what I was doing. I also built a table for flats that come out of our reach in greenhouse (which will be happening on next week!)

From SHF 2011

Today I finished the lid for the reach in greenhouse that we never finished last year. If it works it'll keep things warmer, and vent better. If it doesn't work it'll cut out too much light, make the seedlings leggy, and then fry them when it doesn't vent properly. I also had to change out all of the sprinkler heads for our automatic greenhouse water today, as they had clogged with deposits over the course of last season and were not giving even coverage anymore. Fortunately I had three spares and they only cost us about 60 cents a piece.

PS - small photos today to mask the fact that they're a bit out of focus. I didn't notice that my camera's auto focus was off when I took these, oops. I shouldn't rush like that.

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