Monday, September 17, 2012

Carrot Tops

I usually try to only include vegetable parts that can be eaten, or that allow better transport. For example, I always include beet greens and turnip greens if they are in good shape because they are tasty. Carrot greens I've gone back and forth on. They are edible, but I've never eaten them. There ate some recipes in this quarter's Edible Portland so I thought I'd include the greens today. The carrots are juane du doubs, big, yellow and especially good for cooking. They store better with the tops off. Also in the share are stocky red roaster peppers. These are just starting to color and sweeten as they turn red. If you want more color just leave them on your counter for a week or so. Lettuce is very small this week. Growth on plants is slowing way down. Cucumbers, summer squash and tomatoes continue, and there's also a bit of parsley in the share.

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