Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day on the farm

The joke on all of the farms I've ever worked on is that every day is Labor Day and this one is no different. Not that we don't support the idea of supporting organized labor, but the plants do continue to grow, even on holidays, and for a vegetable market farm this means there are some things that are scheduled for a reason, like certain harvests. Interestingly, I just looked up the origin of the holiday and Oregon was the first state to adopt it in 1887, seven years before it became a national holiday, according to Wikipedia.

Today's share did take quite a bit of labor. All of the potatoes are out of the ground now and are going into this weeks shares. The potato is Rose Finn Apple, a lovely fingerling and the size is good this year probably due to spacing them out a bit more than in the past. There is also the standard summer squash, lettuce, tomato triumvirate that has been in every week for I'm not sure how long now. I finally had a big enough cucumber harvest to give all of the shares at least one lemon cucumber. The plants are not looking good this year and I'm not sure why, maybe it's just not their year. Dill, which also went into last Thursday's share, rounds out todays bag. Deliveries to businesses is delayed until tomorrow but the shares at Near East Yoga and in St. Johns will be all set to go as usual.

It took me so long to dig the potatoes today that I didn't get anything else done. Since I won't have to do it on Thursday I'm hoping that'll be a good day for getting a few plants in the ground. Hope you're all enjoying your holidays. 

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