Monday, November 26, 2012

Back in the Saddle

After a lovely Thanksgiving holiday of heavy rains and high winds, it was nice to ride back out to the farm this morning in weather that couldn't be described as anything less than actually sunny! There wasn't much vegetable damage, just a little frost nipping of a few leaves that were uncovered when the winds blew protective row cover off some time last week. Today's share is a nice one with a leek, celeriac, very nice escarole and a sprig of sage. I sent out a survey to the CSA members last week and got a few good responses back. One said less herbs so I was a little self conscious about putting the sage in, but it's there, it'll make good tea, or go well in a bit of pasta or soup. The escarole is a variety called Cornet de Bordeaux. It didn't look that great to me early on, but it's absolutely beautiful right now, blanching nicely with thick ribs (which is the best part of escarole). I left the greens on the celeriac because it's really excellent in soups or even just chopped up and sauteed with other greens. It has strong celery flavor, too strong for some people. The roots have been very sweet and flavorful. 

I did a quick assessment of the remaining crops in the field for the next three weeks of harvest. Barring any extreme weather or critter attacks it's looking like there's a good amount of chicories, leeks, celeriac and beets. Unfortunately a few of the fall crops failed back in the summer so no carrots or root parsley this fall. The scorzonera is underground so I can't really tell what's happening there. Brussels have been devastated by aphids, but now that it's a little colder they're starting to recover. It may be too late for the fall but I'm hoping they'll make it for the winter. A couple other items are out there as well, but I'm not sure about quantities so they'll have to be a surprise. Looks like a decent fall all around though.

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