Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks for all the support!

I take Thanksgiving week off from harvests because it seems like it's a hectic week for everyone, lots of folks travel, and it's nice to have a break every once in a while. Since there are no deliveries on Thanksgiving week it was a good time to take the Bullitt into the shop for a little upgrade, a new rear rim. The stock Bionx wheels are pretty nice, but I've broken 3 spokes in under 3000 miles so Joel wanted me to try out a nice wide, super strong downhill rim to see if it makes a difference. The wider rim should work better with the relatively fat rear tire as well, not that it's been a problem, but wide tires on narrow rims do have a little less lateral stability (we're talking super geeky bike talk here). In order to get home from the shop after dropping off the bike I loaded up my Bike Friday on the front and headed down to the shop. I even stopped off at Near East Yoga for a little morning yoga practice, something I don't get to do on Mondays very often. 

Speaking of Near East Yoga, Casey just announced another round of (re)Intro classes at the yoga studio. I've been going to the studio something like a decade now and it's a wonderful little space. The studio is unique in Portland, without many led classes, but lots of one on one instruction to help folks develop their own practices at their own pace.

With Thanksgiving coming up the usual focus is on food and family. The farm is all about food and family, and I'm thinking about how thankful I am for all of the CSA members that support the farm and really make up the community part, the farm's family. I'm also really thankful for the businesses, run by friends of mine, who are supporting the farm as well and expanding the idea of community in community supported agriculture.

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