Saturday, November 24, 2012

Commemorative T-shirts

I've been wanting to do a T-shirt for a while now. I found these organic cotton shirts with a great story and ordered a couple of samples recently. The cotton is grown by a farm in Texas that then has the cotton milled, knit and made into T-shirts, all here in the US. The color is natural and varies with the crop of cotton. I hand printed the shirts with the same cut that I used for the boxes, and made a second cut with Splendid Cycles logo to thank them for getting the farm set up with a cargo bike. The shirts seem very well made. The printing is by hand so it will vary slightly from shirt to shirt.

I'll post soon with a list of T-shirt styles and sizes available for special order along with prices (under $20 for the shirts pictured). They come unwashed and oversized so I washed and dried them to pre-shrink, at which point the sizes seemed pretty true. Pictured above are a women's fitted and a unisex crew neck.

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