Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving week off and other announcements

Today's share is a carbon copy of Mondays so if you're looking for info on the share, check out the last post. 

I'm not sure how I did it but I mixed up which week is Thanksgiving in my planning. So, next week there are no deliveries of shares, not on Monday or Thursday. But, I'll be back with shares the following Monday and there'll be four more deliveries this fall before winter break.

Also, in case you missed it somehow, on Tuesday I made the official announcement about the new site for the farm in a letter to the mailing list (if you're not on the mailing list you should sign up using that little widget over there to the right, assuming you're actually on the website and not just using a reader - I don't use the list very often, just for big news like this, party announcements and other such happy things). If you did miss it you can still see it here - There's also an announcement in there about hiring apprentices for next year, and if you actually read this on the website you might notice that there's now a "Work Opportunities" page with the full description.

The photo up top is on potential field at the new site (straddling the road and between blueberry plantings). The photo below is another possibility (beyond the pond and the red strip of blueberries). The entire property is 58 acres so there's a lot going on there. It's going to be an interesting winter splitting my time between set up for spring in Sherwood and harvest in St. Johns for winter shares.

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