Monday, November 5, 2012

Exciting new items

A couple of new items for the year in the share today. Beets come back once again as I continue to work through the fall plantings of Kestrels. There are a few beet greens in the shares as well, although the leaves are starting to die back quite a bit so not a lot in the share. There is a big bunch of collard greens. My favorite way to eat these is to remove the rib and then slice them cross wise and boil them in water with a good amount of tamari added. They also work as a substitute for kale, but they leave are a little heartier. Also a new addition for the fall is celeriac, also called root celery. I've left the tops on and the tops can also be cooked as a green, or used like celery to flavor soups or other dishes. The root is great in salads, sliced into sticks and then par boiled, or mashed with potatoes. It has a very similar texture to potato, but it tastes like celery.

A big thanks to everyone who brought back bags last week. I even had a few extra today when I was washing the bags for pack-out (I should have a hundred extra or so, but I'll take just a few extra for now.) If you have more sitting around I'd love to see them back in the rotation. 

Clean up continues in the field and I've finally been getting around to planting garlic for next season. Today I got all of the tomato stakes and some remaining irrigation pieces out of the field. The cover crop is coming up really nicely with all of this unusually warm weather.

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