Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Colder

Today's share is pretty much the same as Monday's so I refer you back to Monday's post for more on the share. It was a bit colder than it's been this morning and the weather forecast makes me think we'll be getting our first real frost of the year as early as this evening. This will probably change things in the field a bit, some for the better. Depending on how hard a frost we get it could mean the end of a few crops such as chard and celery. Usually we've had a good frost by now so they wouldn't be around anyway. If it's a really hard frost there might be some damage to the celeriac that's still in the field and the beets as well. It doesn't seem like it'll get quite that cold yet. The big benefit of very cold weather is that it concentrates the sugars in the plants. This means more sweetness in everything from the chicory to the kale. I sure wouldn't mind if we didn't get a really hard freeze for a while yet, but a little frost might be nice to slow down the slugs and sweeten up the crops.

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